Who We Are & What We Do

Market Matters is owned and operated by a group of professional money managers that have decades of experience navigating domestic and international stock markets. We write a straight talking, concise, twice daily note about our experiences, the stocks we like, the stocks we don’t, the themes that you should be across and the risks as we see them.

At Market Matters we run a real portfolio and invest our own money in the recommendations we make. Our subscribers have access to our thought process and institutional-level investment insight in real time, with live alerts sent to your phone and email the instant we are buying or selling a stock on our own portfolio.

Our flagship Market Matters Growth Portfolio provides an active approach to investing in ASX listed stocks. Often replicated either in part or in full by our members using our BUY/SELL actions which are relayed via real-time SMS and email alerts, this is an ‘absolute return’ approach, where we will go to high levels of cash if warranted and can benefit from market downturns by investing in funds that inversely track the market.

How We Help Our Members Succeed

    Successful investors need a range of services to help them tackle the market. Our Subscribers are exposed to a range of exclusive investor services. As a member, you don't just receive daily stock-market commentary and institutional level insights, but you're also equipped with the resources to replicate the movements on our portfolio via our real-time SMS & email alerts; we provide our members with timely updates and analysis to make their investing more effective and profitable. You’ll be armed with the tools you need to confidently – and successfully – invest in the market! Besides our ongoing currenmarket commentary, we pride ourselves in the realistic investment recommendations that we back by our own money. Our alerts provide investors with:

  • The price we are buying AND selling, sent to members, LIVE
  • The percentage of our portfolio we are allocating to that stock
  • A risk rating and clear rationale for the position.
  • Our likely exit strategy

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