13 July 20

Late rally pushes the markets into green territory (OPY, FMG)

10 July 20

Equities sold off into the weekend

08 July 20

APRA extends loan leniency (AWC, NST)

07 July 20

Afterpay gets deal away at $66.00 as Melbourne goes into lockdown (APT, SBM)

06 July 20

Stocks decline with weakness in healthcare to blame (TYR, ABC)

03 July 20

Aussie market ticks higher ahead of US holiday (ABC)

02 July 20

ASX higher as buyers re-emerge from the clouds of negativity (DDR, WEB)

30 June 20

Goodbye FY20, ASX ends down 10.9%, better times ahead! (CKF)

29 June 20

Markets hit on virus concerns, although buyers again prevalent into weakness (FPH, JIN)

26 June 20

Stocks make a comeback ahead of the weekend

25 June 20

Stocks succumb to virus headlines (QAN)

24 June 20

Buyer emerges for Sydney office space (DXS)

23 June 20

A wild day, here’s why (WSA, AMP)

22 June 20

Buyers step in to early weakness (S32, CGF, TCL)

19 June 20

ASX muted into the weekend

18 June 20

Market falls as 200k jobs lost (FMG, SSG, SPT)

17 June 20

Property stocks lead the ASX higher (CAR)

16 June 20

Shorts are for the beach! (SUL, WZR, VEA)

12 June 20

Market down but not out 0 have a good weekend all

11 June 20

Stocks finally pullback from highs, lose 3% (JBH)

10 June 20

Stocks flat ahead of Fed Meeting (SIQ, HVN)

09 June 20

Market rallies as economies open up (TYR, WES, SYD)

05 June 20

Another test of 6000

04 June 20

Retail sales crumble (VOC, WBC)

03 June 20

Stocks brush off recession talk (OPY, WZR, BLD) **International Equities Portfolio Alert - Buy VALE US**

02 June 20

Trump finally addresses the nation (BLD, Z1P, IRE)

01 June 20

Resources drive the market higher (OPY, VCX, SGR)

29 May 20

Excitement fades into the weekend

28 May 20

Banks continue their run (EHL, MQG) **International Equities Portfolio Alert - Sell UNH US + Global ETF Portfolio Alert - Sell SLVP US**

27 May 20

Banks surge, CSL stalls (WBC, CSL, BKL, STA)

26 May 20

ASX puts on another 3% as banks join in

25 May 20

ASX puts on 2% to kick off the week (FLT, RHC)

22 May 20

China National People’s Congress dull ASX bulls

21 May 20

NWH reinstates dividends (NWH, ALL, BIN, SSM)

20 May 20

ASX shakes early weakness (EML, AAC, SYD)

19 May 20

‘Old School’ stocks lead the gain as the ASX hits new post CV-19 highs (JHX, TNE, APX)

18 May 20

Resource stocks regain their mojo

15 May 20

Chinese data shows recovery

14 May 20

Xero adds 467k new users in the past year (XRO, GNC, SSG)

13 May 20

Bullish day as market rallies +120pts from the low (SGP, CBA)

12 May 20

Never let a good crisis go to waste (PMV, CSR, KGN)

11 May 20

Risk back on as money flows into the beaten-up sectors (IPL, COH)

07 May 20

Markets chop around today, end little changed (GMG, BPT, PPT, BIN)

06 May 20

ASX underperforms on weak banks (MPL)

05 May 20

ASX gives up a solid start (PNV, JHX)

01 May 20

May nerves start on day 1

30 April 20

ASX bounces back 6% in April (QUB, ANZ, FMG)

29 April 20

Blackstone buys 10% of Crown (LLC, COL)

28 April 20

Westpac discloses bad debt charge (WES, WBC, WZR, NST)

27 April 20

Stocks rally, NAB raises equity

24 April 20

Market edges higher – have a lovely weekend all – Lest We Forget **International Equities Portfolio - Buy TTD US + Global ETF Portfolio - Buy SVXY US**

23 April 20

ASX gives up a solid start

22 April 20

ASX rallies from early low – closes flat (WPL, HUB, JBH) **International Equities Portfolio - Buy XOM US + Global ETF Portfolio - Buy QQQ US**

21 April 20

RBA expects a 10% contraction in the 1st half (BHP)

17 April 20

Donald starts to push for easing of lockdown

16 April 20

ASX down but trades up from session lows **International Equities Portfolio Alerts - Sell BAC US, Buy GOOGL US**

15 April 20

Consumer Confidence capitulates (OZL, LYC)

14 April 20

A bullish way to start the shortened week (APT, SFR, QBE, WBC)

13 April 20

Market Matters Easter Report Monday 13th April 2020

09 April 20

ASX rallies hard into the break – Happy Easter all

08 April 20

Property stocks best on ground for a change (BOQ, OSH)

07 April 20

RBA keeps rates on hold – AUD rallies

06 April 20

Stocks kick off a new week on the front foot (TYR)

03 April 20

Market skids lower into the weekend

02 April 20

Webjet back after 16 day hiatus (WEB, GEM)

01 April 20

Energy stocks lead the ASX higher (TCL, NWH)

31 March 20

ASX burns early strength, closes down 2.02%

30 March 20

ASX starts the week on the front foot (JBH, ANN)

27 March 20

ASX slides into the weekend as US tops China in confirmed cases

26 March 20

IT stocks lead the charge as Cochlear completes successful raise (COH, AMP)

25 March 20

US Senate reaches deal, stocks rally (QAN, IVC)

24 March 20

Some buying in the beaten-up end of town (APT, MFG)

23 March 20

Markets again start the week on the back foot (BIN, WEB, IGL, PMV)

20 March 20

Stocks marginally higher into the weekend

19 March 20

Property stocks now feel the heat (CIM, MQG, FLT)

18 March 20

The ‘go too’ stocks hit hardest today (CCP, APT, NSR)

17 March 20

It’s not all bad news (MTS)

16 March 20

Central banks spook markets, biggest fall since 87 (COH, SGR, CGF)

13 March 20

I’ve never seen a close like it – ASX stages massive turnaround

12 March 20

Stimulus fails to ignite the market, trades to new lows

10 March 20

Market stages impressive recovery (BHP, NWH)

09 March 20

2nd worst day in 27 years, ASX falls ~7%

06 March 20

Have we just seen the capitulation low?

05 March 20

The Biden Bid supports stocks today, ASX rallies +70pts (WBC, FLT, MTS, TPM)

04 March 20

Stocks catching our eye into weakness… (EHL, BIN, CBA)

03 March 20

RBA cuts rates, banks drag market off early highs

02 March 20

Japan adds liquidity, market stages turnaround from lows

28 February 20

What a week…markets cave in ~10%

27 February 20

Costa Group shows promise in a weak market (CGC, A2M, Z1P, JHG)

26 February 20

Feels like a long 3 days…! (RIO, HLS)

25 February 20

Stocks down but not out (APX, TWE) + International Alerts **BABA US, MFST US, MC FP, UBS US, SH US, GOLD US, IEM, TBF US, DBA US, GDX US**

24 February 20

ASX hit on virus, drops below 7000 (RWC, GEM, NHF)

21 February 20

Stocks edge lower into the weekend, special guest on this afternoon recording (MLD)

20 February 20

Unemployment ticks up, Perpetual rewards patience! (BIN, PPT, ILU)

19 February 20

CBA’s dividend can’t stop a new high (WTC, WES, VOC, CWN)

18 February 20

Altium weighs on IT as reporting kicks up a gear (SGM, EHL, BHP, COH, ALU, WSA, OZL, COL, ABP)

17 February 20

Bendigo Bank launches $300m cap raise (ALU, QBE, BEN)

14 February 20

Banks generate lion’s share of ASX gains

13 February 20

Has the ASX peaked? (NAB, NCM, WPL, S32, MFG, BRG, AMP)

12 February 20

Asian markets lead the region higher (CAR, IEL, BKL)

11 February 20

And the market charges on – ASX up +42pts (CGF, SUN, BPT, MQG)

10 February 20

Reporting season kicks into gear (PPS, JBH, BLD)

07 February 20

REA reports a 14% drop in local listings (REA, FLT)

06 February 20

Asian markets lead the region higher (SSM, JHG, COL, NCK)

05 February 20

Expectations of a rate cut pushed out to September (ORE, JHG, MFG, CPU)

04 February 20

Stocks rebound after yesterday’s sell off (Z1P, SCP, BWP) – International buy alerts **V.US, 700.HK, 2318.HK, COPX.US, IEM, BNKS**

03 February 20

China facing stocks feel the brunt as the Chinese market recommenced trade (BHP, IEM)

31 January 20

ASX adds ~5% in January

30 January 20

Nearmap off track as growth lows (FMG, NEA, NCM, SUN)

29 January 20

Goon bag bursts for Treasury Wines (OZL, TWE, EHL)

28 January 20

Markets hit on Coronavirus, stocks exposed to China hardest hit (NWH, EHL, WSA, OSH)

24 January 20

ASX gives up a reasonable lead

23 January 20

Cimic shows why doing business in the Middle East is not all Beer & Skittles (CIM, DOW, WBC)

22 January 20

ASX makes another new all-time high (WOW)

21 January 20

All rallies must come to an end (BHP, PGH)

20 January 20

Edging higher, but wind seems to be coming out of the sails (NHF, SUL, KGN)

17 January 20

Strong production numbers from RIO to end the week (RIO, NUF)

15 January 20

Industrials, Energy take the ASX within a whisker of 7000 (RSG, PPT)

14 January 20

ASX 200 closes in on 7000 (JPM, EML, PDL)

13 January 20

A sea of red despite easing global tensions (Z1P)

24 December 19

Market adds +9pts – Merry Christmas all

23 December 19

Stocks drift lower as AUD holds above 69c

20 December 19

Momentum fades despite positive week

19 December 19

Strong employment data weighs on market (SSM, VRL)

18 December 19

Stocks tread water for a second session (QBE)

17 December 19

Stocks consolidate recent gains – Wisetech in the crosshairs again (WTC, WBC, NST)

16 December 19

Stocks rally as Santa prepares his sleigh (PRN, SIQ)

13 December 19

Landslide – a Boris Johnson cover

12 December 19

Stocks sold off ahead of UK election (WBC, LYC)

11 December 19

Has the Christmas rally begun? (WEB, WBC, S32)

10 December 19

IOOF get the go ahead (IFL, BOQ)

09 December 19

Energy stocks underpin a positive session (EHE, VEA)

06 December 19

A big weak wraps up with a positive move

05 December 19

Markets rebound as RBNZ releases revised capital requirements (WHC, MFG)

04 December 19

ASX200 now down 4.4% from recent highs (APT, NCK, RIO, OML)

03 December 19

Stocks hit as Trump targets Sth America – RBA holds rates (NCM, CTX)

02 December 19

Stocks up but close well below session highs – Sydney house prices on a tear (WBC, NWH)

29 November 19

NWH excites but traders take some profits (VUK, NWH)

28 November 19

Edging higher ahead of Thanksgiving (NWH, TLS)

27 November 19

ASX cracks the record (TLS, CKF, EHL)

26 November 19

Markets buoyed by continuing trade talks (IGL, SSM, NWH, CTX) **BABA US, WFC US**

25 November 19

Stocks cautiously higher to start the week (APT, CTX, NUF, BOQ, WBC)

22 November 19

Stocks rebound to close the week

21 November 19

Stocks down again, although buyers step in after lunch (a short note today)

20 November 19

Stocks down, Westpac in Austrac crosshairs (WBC, ALL, SAR, WEB)

19 November 19

HSBC sees Sydney property up ~10% next year (A2M, WTC, KGN)

18 November 19

Prospa – anything but today (PGL, APX, SIQ)

15 November 19

The rally picks up momentum

13 November 19

Bingo ‘bins’ the shorts at today’s update (BIN, PGH, APT, ECX)

12 November 19

CBA grows earnings in a tough environment (CBA, NEC, WHC, IVC)

11 November 19

A bullish day for Aussie stocks to start the week (BIN, CSL)

08 November 19

Money rotates out of defensives in a flat day

07 November 19

NAB doing a good job in a tough environment (NAB, XRO, Z1P)

06 November 19

Cracks appearing with index momentum waning (PDL, BLD)

05 November 19

RBA holds steady on Cup day

04 November 19

Westpac out with results and surprise equity raise (WBC, NWH, CSR)

01 November 19

Stocks rebound from early weakness (MQG)

31 October 19

ANZ misses the mark – drags the banking sector lower (ANZ, ILU)

30 October 19

Sellers dominate in a weak session – all sectors lower (WOW, CGC, Z1P)

29 October 19

The run of agricultural downgrades continue with Bega today (BGA, PGH, LOV, COL)

28 October 19

ASX drifts from early highs – Sims Group downgrades again (SGM, DMP, ORE)

25 October 19

Stocks higher in quiet trade (RMD, CWY)

24 October 19

Sell strength – buy weakness, the mantra continues (FMG, NCM, SGR) ** BHP.LN, JPM.US, IEM, COPX. US, BNKS**

23 October 19

Property’s good news supports market (WBC, SSM, KGN, WSA, DXS, VCX)

22 October 19

Iron ore helps the market edge higher (WHC, SAR, COH, EHL)

21 October 19

Stockland confirms green shoots in property markets (WTC, SGP, OZL, SGP) **BAC US, JHG US, UNH US**

18 October 19

RBA comments send the Aussie higher and the market lower…again (SBM)

17 October 19

Strong employment data & a rising currency puts the kibosh on the market (WTC, IFL, BHP)

16 October 19

Defensive sectors take the index from strength to strength (RIO, OZL, CGF)

15 October 19

Nick Scali breaks the back of the retailers today (NCK, EVN)

14 October 19

Market up but early optimism fades (IPH, STO, FPH)

11 October 19

ASX ends a choppy week on the right foot (PLS, FMG, PPT)

10 October 19

All calm on the surface but plenty of action underneath – market closes unchanged (ORA, BSL)

09 October 19

Selling resumes following US trade escalation (FLT, CUV, CWY)

08 October 19

Markets trickle higher again ahead of US Fed speech (FMG, ANZ, STO)

07 October 19

Market moves higher on light volumes

04 October 19

Market oscillate’ s around the 6500 region after a tough week

03 October 19

A second sea of red

02 October 19

Sellers get the upper hand, ASX down more than 100pts (NAB, MYX)

01 October 19

RBA cuts rates to historical lows – more to come

30 September 19

Markets sell off into end of quarter (NUF)

27 September 19

Friday's rally can't overcome a soft week

26 September 19

Sellers dominate a weak session

25 September 19

Goldmans uber bullish on Afterpay, Bingo sinks (APT, BIN)

23 September 19

IOOF wins big over the regulator, Webjet down after Thomas Cook collapses (WEB, IFL)

20 September 19

ASX up but off session highs – go the Sea Eagles!

19 September 19

Fed cut helps equities rally

18 September 19

Gold & IT stocks best on ground, Energy stocks weigh (CNI, CMA, QAN)

17 September 19

RBA still banging the lower for longer call on rates

16 September 19

Crude spikes, Bellamy’s bid while Sims scraps guidance (BAL, SGM, BHP)

13 September 19

Tech continues to struggle

12 September 19

Markets edge higher on better China – US trade rhetoric (FMG, SM1, ISX)

11 September 19

Rinse and repeat (EVN)

10 September 19

OPEC Hope sends energy higher on a down day (SYR, WHC)

09 September 19

Banks offset miners on a flat day (RRL, TPM)

06 September 19

Pro Medicus founders sell down, market up for the week

05 September 19

China and the US set date for further trade negotiations (CGC, CYB, MYR, SH US, SLVP US)

04 September 19

GDP Growth Anaemic (PLS, OSH)

03 September 19

Rates on hold as RBA sights an improvement in house prices (WSA, MPL, ORE)

02 September 19

Nickel roars higher on Indonesian supply concerns (WSA, IGO, IPL, PLS)