13 November 19

Bingo ‘bins’ the shorts at today’s update (BIN, PGH, APT, ECX)

12 November 19

CBA grows earnings in a tough environment (CBA, NEC, WHC, IVC)

11 November 19

A bullish day for Aussie stocks to start the week (BIN, CSL)

08 November 19

Money rotates out of defensives in a flat day

07 November 19

NAB doing a good job in a tough environment (NAB, XRO, Z1P)

06 November 19

Cracks appearing with index momentum waning (PDL, BLD)

05 November 19

RBA holds steady on Cup day

04 November 19

Westpac out with results and surprise equity raise (WBC, NWH, CSR)

01 November 19

Stocks rebound from early weakness (MQG)

31 October 19

ANZ misses the mark – drags the banking sector lower (ANZ, ILU)

30 October 19

Sellers dominate in a weak session – all sectors lower (WOW, CGC, Z1P)

29 October 19

The run of agricultural downgrades continue with Bega today (BGA, PGH, LOV, COL)

28 October 19

ASX drifts from early highs – Sims Group downgrades again (SGM, DMP, ORE)

25 October 19

Stocks higher in quiet trade (RMD, CWY)

24 October 19

Sell strength – buy weakness, the mantra continues (FMG, NCM, SGR) ** BHP.LN, JPM.US, IEM, COPX. US, BNKS**

23 October 19

Property’s good news supports market (WBC, SSM, KGN, WSA, DXS, VCX)

22 October 19

Iron ore helps the market edge higher (WHC, SAR, COH, EHL)

21 October 19

Stockland confirms green shoots in property markets (WTC, SGP, OZL, SGP) **BAC US, JHG US, UNH US**

18 October 19

RBA comments send the Aussie higher and the market lower…again (SBM)

17 October 19

Strong employment data & a rising currency puts the kibosh on the market (WTC, IFL, BHP)

16 October 19

Defensive sectors take the index from strength to strength (RIO, OZL, CGF)

15 October 19

Nick Scali breaks the back of the retailers today (NCK, EVN)

14 October 19

Market up but early optimism fades (IPH, STO, FPH)

11 October 19

ASX ends a choppy week on the right foot (PLS, FMG, PPT)

10 October 19

All calm on the surface but plenty of action underneath – market closes unchanged (ORA, BSL)

09 October 19

Selling resumes following US trade escalation (FLT, CUV, CWY)

08 October 19

Markets trickle higher again ahead of US Fed speech (FMG, ANZ, STO)

07 October 19

Market moves higher on light volumes

04 October 19

Market oscillate’ s around the 6500 region after a tough week

03 October 19

A second sea of red

02 October 19

Sellers get the upper hand, ASX down more than 100pts (NAB, MYX)

01 October 19

RBA cuts rates to historical lows – more to come

30 September 19

Markets sell off into end of quarter (NUF)

27 September 19

Friday's rally can't overcome a soft week

26 September 19

Sellers dominate a weak session

25 September 19

Goldmans uber bullish on Afterpay, Bingo sinks (APT, BIN)

23 September 19

IOOF wins big over the regulator, Webjet down after Thomas Cook collapses (WEB, IFL)

20 September 19

ASX up but off session highs – go the Sea Eagles!

19 September 19

Fed cut helps equities rally

18 September 19

Gold & IT stocks best on ground, Energy stocks weigh (CNI, CMA, QAN)

17 September 19

RBA still banging the lower for longer call on rates

16 September 19

Crude spikes, Bellamy’s bid while Sims scraps guidance (BAL, SGM, BHP)

13 September 19

Tech continues to struggle

12 September 19

Markets edge higher on better China – US trade rhetoric (FMG, SM1, ISX)

11 September 19

Rinse and repeat (EVN)

10 September 19

OPEC Hope sends energy higher on a down day (SYR, WHC)

09 September 19

Banks offset miners on a flat day (RRL, TPM)

06 September 19

Pro Medicus founders sell down, market up for the week

05 September 19

China and the US set date for further trade negotiations (CGC, CYB, MYR, SH US, SLVP US)

04 September 19

GDP Growth Anaemic (PLS, OSH)

03 September 19

Rates on hold as RBA sights an improvement in house prices (WSA, MPL, ORE)

02 September 19

Nickel roars higher on Indonesian supply concerns (WSA, IGO, IPL, PLS)

30 August 19

ASX 200 rallies to end a tough month for stocks

29 August 19

Market grinds higher on final day of reporting (APX, NXT, WOW)

28 August 19

Macquarie taps the market for $1 billion (APX, APT, ABC, OZL, BAL)

27 August 19

Reporting ensures stock volatility remains high (ING, IGL, WES, RWC, NAN, CTX)

26 August 19

Weak earnings + Trump Tweets put the kibosh on the market (FMG, BLD, IFL, GEM, JHC)

23 August 19

Markets calm ahead of Fed talks (CGC, MYX, GMG, SGM)

22 August 19

Reporting peaking today with over 30 companies out with results (BIN, Z1P, PPT, VOC, FLT, QAN, WEB, COL)

21 August 19

Markets give back yesterdays rally as reporting ratchets up (EHL, DMP, WTC, CTD, A2M, CAR, BAP, APA, SGP, CWN)

20 August 19

Strong day as company results impress (BHP, KGN, MND, EHE, SEK)

19 August 19

ASX bounces from oversold levels (BSL, LLC, NHF, BPT, SIQ)

16 August 19

Phew - a big week comes to a close (TLS, OML, COH, NCM, SGR, HLS)

15 August 19

Not a good day to miss earnings expectations – market falls 2.85% (TLS, BKL, TWE, SUL, WPL, WHC, ORA, CWY)

14 August 19

A mixed day on the reporting front (PGH, CSL, NAB, TAH)

13 August 19

Magellan to raise capital for future growth after reporting strong result (MFG, CGF)

12 August 19

JB defies the retail gloom and tops expectations (JBH, BEN)

08 August 19

Global risk back on…is it safe yet?

07 August 19

CBA misses earnings target as the market recovers (CBA)

06 August 19

Risk off continues for stocks as US labels China currency manipulators (BIN, FMG, PNI)

05 August 19

China signals its ready to play hardball (OSH)

02 August 19

Markets trickle lower after a tough week…(ANN)

01 August 19

RIO just out with results - earnings a touch light, special dividend a win (RIO, ABC, JHG)

31 July 19

Earnings seasons sparks volatility – with more likely (GMA, ORI, BIN, ABC)

30 July 19

New intraday all-time high! (NST, CWN, SZL)

29 July 19

ASX 200 closes just 25pts below all-time highs (HLS, CCP)

26 July 19

A massive thankyou to the MM community (RMD)

25 July 19

Iron ore sell off not enough to hold ASX back (NCM, IFL, FMG)

24 July 19

Westpac calls RBA cash rate to 0.5% by February (Z1P, ILU, RRL)

23 July 19

Oz Minerals out with decent production numbers (OZL, CPU, DHG)

22 July 19

Quiet above the surface but a few ducks paddling hard below (WSA, EHL)

19 July 19

NAB gets a new CEO

18 July 19

Cimic tanks on earnings miss, but is the move overdone? (CIM, LLC) **Buy SH US**

17 July 19

Domino’s hit as US namesake disappoints (DMP, BHP, EHE)

16 July 19

Rio softens costs guidance (RIO, NHF)

15 July 19

AMP hit as life business sale falls over (AMP, ELD, PPT)

12 July 19

Will Santos bid for Oil Search? (OSH, STO, NEA)

11 July 19

Big line of AMP shares through the market this morning (AMP, WHC)

10 July 19

ASX hits early high, then slides into the close (A2M, MQG, SGP) *Buy NFLX.US*

09 July 19

Goldman’s’ downgrades Afterpay (APT)

08 July 19

Markets down most in more than a month (ILU) **Buy SH US**

05 July 19

Just shy off all-time highs!

04 July 19

Markets grind higher in a quiet session (WHC)

03 July 19

The ASX tests 10-year highs (WOW, VOC, EHL)

02 July 19

Why we trimmed our banking exposure? (CBA, TLS, SDA)

01 July 19

Markets higher on positive G20 outcome (APT)

28 June 19

ASX drifts lower into EOFY (PGH, APT)

27 June 19

Markets grind up again into year end (BIN, PGH)

26 June 19

Markets cool as June 30 approaches **Buy AAPL US & GOLD US** (BIN, CSR, AMP,SFR)

25 June 19

Low conviction ahead of G20 summit (CWN, SAR, Gold)

24 June 19

Metcash shares dumped (MTS, ASL, APE, AHG)

21 June 19

The index eases into the weekend

20 June 19

Caltex drags energy but the index pushes higher (CTX, CYB, RIO)

19 June 19

ASX now just 3% below all-time highs (MFG)

18 June 19

RBA Minutes drive the ASX to another high (COL)

17 June 19

AGL pulls Vocus bid (BIN, VOC, EHL, PLS)

14 June 19

Why BREXIT is a good thing!

13 June 19

Markets flat – Challenger downgrades (CGF)

12 June 19

The rally fades on bank selling (ANZ, EHL)

11 June 19

ASX trades at 11 year highs (APT, VOC, AGL, SGR)

07 June 19

Money finds its way in ahead of the long weekend (GNC)

07 June 19

Tax loss selling is already gaining momentum (RIO, RMD, BAL, NUF)

06 June 19

Markets edge higher, but not convincingly so (APT, BOQ)

05 June 19

The rally runs out of puff (VOC, ANZ)

04 June 19

RBA acts for the first time in 33 months – cuts rates (A2M, CCL)

03 June 19

Sustained selling see’s the ASX close on the lows ahead of RBA decision tomorrow (ECX, BLD)

31 May 19

Sell in May & go away – not this year!

30 May 19

Resources & Real-Estate lead the ASX lower today (CGC, BIN)

29 May 19

Sellers dominate following soft leads (MGR, DOW, LYC)

28 May 19

Buyers re-emerge as Iron Ore continues to run (RIO, ILU, QBE, ALL)

27 May 19

ASX muted ahead of US & UK days off (VOC, WOW, SUN)

24 May 19

Trade concerns force some profit taking

23 May 19

ASX comes off the boil after a stellar run (ALL, TRS, CSR)

22 May 19

Local market grinds higher but financial services are left behind (BIN, AMP, IFL)

21 May 19

APRA & the RBA help the local market shrug soft leads (LYC, HLS)

20 May 19

What a day to own the banks!! (WBC, NHF)

17 May 19

Resources remain in vogue at the expense of the banks (ANZ, BHP)

16 May 19

Rate cut on the way – markets rally (short note)

15 May 19

Energy & Resources push the market higher (RIO, CYB)

14 May 19

Markets down but rally from lows (FMG, NCM)

13 May 19

CBA drags market into the red (CBA, RWC, LLC, REA)

10 May 19

Markets ignore trade tariffs and edge higher

09 May 19

Lithium sector starts to heat up (ORI, ORE)

08 May 19

ACCC says no to TPG tie up – it seems (TPM, TLS, VOC, TWE, HUB, CSR)

07 May 19

RBA snubs weak inflation & sits tight for 33rd straight meeting (FMG, GNC)

06 May 19

Trump tests China on trade – markets react (CIM, WBC, MQG, FMG)

03 May 19

Resources - is the run over? Video update with James Gerrish & Peter O'Connor

02 May 19

NAB cuts its dividend (NAB, WOW, ASL, WES, KDR)

01 May 19

ANZ leads market higher (ANZ, GMA)

30 April 19

ASX 200 adds 2.34% for the month (DHG, CGC, NCM, SEK, ORI)

29 April 19

ASX drifts back from highs (COL, HLS, SFR)

26 April 19

Flight Centre lands in a heap (FLT)

24 April 19

Noflation should lead to imminent rate cut (BAL, HLS, EHL, CGC)

23 April 19

ASX 200 breaks 6300 – Energy stocks lead the way (TLS, NAB, XRO)

18 April 19

Unemployment data drags market

17 April 19

Iron Ore tumbles (DLX, BHP)

16 April 19

RBA remains accomodative (RIO, COH)

15 April 19

A sluggish start to the week, banks fail to ignite the ASX (PDL, ILU)

12 April 19

A bank led rally to finish the week

11 April 19

BOQ kicks off bank reporting (BOQ, ASL)

10 April 19

When the RBA the talks AUD listens (IFL, DMP)

09 April 19

Packer gets the feature – cha ching! (CWN, SGM)

08 April 19

Iron Ore rally continues – ASX outperforms (SGM, EHL, RSG, PTM)

05 April 19

ASX comes back down to earth (AHG, APE)

04 April 19

Market breaks 7 day winning streak (ING, GNC, HLS)

03 April 19

Miners lead the ASX higher (SIQ, ECX, MMS)

02 April 19

Market roars early, fades late (FMG, BHP, IPL)

01 April 19

China stimulus working its magic (WOW, FMG, RIO, CCP)

29 March 19

ASX set to round out the strongest quarter since 2009 on a high, testing 6200

28 March 19

The bulls step back onto the dance floor (CGC, PGH, PLS)

27 March 19

A tale of two halves (ECX, BIN, LYC)

26 March 19

ASX ends flat – very little conviction outside a few stock stories (WES, LYC, COL, KMD, QBE)

25 March 19

Markets down most since January 2 (PMV, MEA)

22 March 19

Some of the ‘dogs’ starting to run (PMV, SGM)

21 March 19

Employment remains strong, although analysts not convinced (PGH, ECX)

20 March 19

ASX peppered with landmines today (NUF, FMG, ECX, PTM)

19 March 19

China snubs Aussie Coal (FMG, NHC, WBC, CTX, WTC, HSO)

18 March 19

Vocus tipped to raise capital - company denies it (VOC, AAC, HUB, ECX)

15 March 19

A subdued session to end the week

14 March 19

CBA remains long wealth (CBA, MOC, AFG, RHC)

13 March 19

Markets stage a late recovery (SIG, API)

12 March 19

Market sold hard into the close (ORI, APX, WES, IPL)

11 March 19

Selling targets energy stocks (WPL, SPT, IVC, MQG, NCM, APX)

08 March 19

The market ends the week on a sour note

07 March 19

Aussie stocks outperform again (CGC, ELD)

06 March 19

Slow growth boosts local market (MYR, COH)

05 March 19

RBA keeps interest rates on hold as expected (COL, WSA)

04 March 19

ASX hits 5 months high (MTS, NUF)

01 March 19

New 5-month highs, but market fails to hold 6200

01 March 19

Has the Healthcare sector regained its “Mojo”? (RHC, FPH, HLS, NAN, SHL, APT)

28 February 19

Market rounds out February and reporting with more gains (ABC, BIN, HVN, RHC)

27 February 19

Buying returns, eyes turn to the Rio result (BVS, CGC, JHG, VOC, SEK)

26 February 19

Market shows first sign of cracking (APT, HUB)

25 February 19

QBE enjoys a rare (reporting day) in the sun (APX, QBE, APT, IGL, BSL)

22 February 19

Markets rallies into the weekend (AHG, IVC)

21 February 19

WBC now predict 2 rate cuts this year (WEB, WES)

20 February 19

Quiet day from an index perspective but huge moves at the stock level (LOV, CTD, NEA, A2M, WSA, WTC, SGR, CWN, WOW)

19 February 19

BHP just out with results – looks like a miss (IFL, COH, BKL, ALU, EHL, COL)

18 February 19

Bingo gets whacked (BIN, WBC, BOQ)

15 February 19

Markets meander into the weekend

14 February 19

Telstra struggles on earnings result – market drifts lower (TLS, BRG, ASX, WPL, SUN, S32)

13 February 19

What…No upgrade from CSL!! Happy Birthday CB. (BAP, CPU, CAR, CSL)

12 February 19

Reporting season rolls on with plenty of volatility under the hood (TCL, CGF, MQG)

11 February 19

Stocks edge lower but aged care providers defy the RC & rally (BEN, JHC, EHE, JBH)

08 February 19

RBA cuts growth expectations

07 February 19

NAB’s CEO & Chair shown the door… (CYB)

06 February 19

Reporting season ramps up, RBA turns cautionary (VEA, COL)

05 February 19

Banks push ASX 200 back up through 6000 (JHG, CIM, JHX, Banks)

04 February 19

Royal Commission final report released (WSA, BLD)

01 February 19

A lacklustre session ahead of reporting season which klicks off Monday