02 December 20

Income Note: The future of wealth management, according to IOOF (IFL, CLW, IGL, SIQ)

25 November 20

Income Note: Stocks are rallying – should we again increase equities & reduce hybrids in our Income Portfolio?

18 November 20

Income Note: Reviewing 5 key positions in the MM Income Portfolio (IGL, XARO, TLS, IFL, ABP)

24 June 20

Income Note: Banks, the sector in 7 charts (CBA)

17 June 20

Income Note: Childcare stocks have been hit hard, are there opportunities? (SUL, GEM, CQE, ARF)

10 June 20

Income Note: How much pain has been priced into property stocks?

18 December 19

Income Report: SmartGroup (SIQ), trap or treasure? (SIQ, VVR)

04 December 19

Income Report: Reviewing IVE Group after they make a timely acquisition (IGL, NBI)

30 October 19

Income Report: Revisiting Bank Valuations (ANZ, CBA, NAB, WBC)

21 August 19

Income Report: We’re adding another property stock to the portfolio (ABP, GMA, SGP)

31 July 19

Income Report: ABC downgrade and implications for our portfolios (ABC, CSR, GMA)

24 July 19

Income Report: Hunting through the LIC space for value (FOR, WLE, CDM, LSF)

17 July 19

Income Report: The Bull Case for Flight Centre (CBA, ANZ, FLT)

18 April 18

Income Report; Portfolio moves & some options education (PPT)

11 April 18

Income Report; FMG & GMA - Hold or Fold, plus two small cap opportunities (FMG, GMA, IVE, CNU)

04 April 18

Income Report; Property Stocks & Hybrids – what happens if Shorten actually gets in? (WFD)

08 November 17

Income Report; Reduce Centuria (CNI) to add Vicinity (VCX)

11 October 17

Income Report; MCP hits the boards, interesting moves around CNI, new Hybrid muted for Bendigo Bank – CNI, MXT

04 October 17

Income Report; Our cash levels look correct

13 September 17

Income Report; 3 income stocks under the microscope

16 August 17

Income Report; A New Investment Opportunity that is ‘outside the box’!

09 August 17

Income Report; Taking a look at 4 of our holdings

02 August 17

Income Report; We add another ‘controversial’ stock to the portfolio

12 July 17

Income Report; A deeper dive into Hybrids

05 July 17

Introducing the Market Matters Income Portfolio

30 April 17

Market Matters Weekend Report Sunday 30th April 2017

28 April 17

Has Malcolm Turnbull created a buying opportunity in the Energy Sector?

26 April 17

Hold on Tight, Markets are Getting Very Exciting!

30 March 17

Market looks great but not worth chasing now

29 March 17

Stand back and enjoy the market rally.

14 March 17

Bubbles are not that uncommon - Part 1

17 February 17

Telstra dominates with a weak result - Part 3

20 January 17

Quality shines through as the Fed sounds hawkish

18 January 17

Trump & May combine to rattle markets

13 January 17

Banks – Buy or Sell?

13 January 17

Managing Risk & the MM Service

16 December 16

Has Santos put the kibosh on the Energy Sector?

15 December 16

Has the Fed put the brakes on stocks?

14 December 16

There's lots of green on the screen

16 November 16

We like oil but not iron ore at today's levels

15 November 16

Short term top in commodities?

15 November 16

The interest rate train has just left the station!

25 October 16

The final 3 Healthcare stocks under our microscope

06 October 16

What’s the story with Vocus?

19 January 17

Market Matters 2017 Outlook and top 10 predictions