22 January 20

Overseas Wednesday – International Equities & Global Macro ETF Portfolios (BLD, SFR, IEM US, 700 HK) **700 HK**

21 January 20

Are insurance stocks simply too hard? (BPT, BHP, SUN, IAG, QBE, NHF, MPL, SDF)

20 January 20

Subscribers questions (MXWO, EVN, RRL, ABP, PLS, ORE, SYR, NBI, 700 HK, ALX, TCL, IPH, LNK, BUB, NCM, STO, NST, SIQ, BBOZ)

17 January 20

5 stocks catching my eye as we search for upside (CBA, APX, BGA, IVC, IPH, MIN)

16 January 20

Market smashes through 7000 (WHC, S32, WPL)

16 January 20

What pockets of the resources sector does MM prefer in 2020 (WHC, GDX US, RIO, OZL, SFR, WSA, S32, AWC, FMG)

15 January 20

Overseas Wednesday – International Equities & Global Macro ETF Portfolios (ORE, TSLA US, JPM US, WFC US, GS US, AAPL US, JHG US, IEM US, 700 HK, SH US)

14 January 20

A few things on our radar as we commence 2020 (CBA, CSL, BHP, FMG)

13 January 20

2020 Outlook – 3 key macro drivers, 3 key sectors & 3 stocks we like now (OZL, SGM, 700 HK)

24 December 19

Happy Holiday’s from all the team at Market Matters

23 December 19

Subscribers questions (LYL, MSB, SVW, QBE, MTA CN, IMF, WAM)

20 December 19

Updating our outlook for the Capital Goods Sector (SSM, NWH, SVW, RWC, GWA,ASB)

19 December 19

If reflation does unfold should we be buying food producers? (OZL, WBC, A2M, ING, ELD, CGC, BGA, AAC, RIC)

18 December 19

Overseas Wednesday – International Equities & ETF Portfolios (CBA, WBC, AAPL US, IWM US, IEM US, 700 HK)

17 December 19

How we’ll “play” this Christmas Rally (BHP, CBA, WBC, RIO, PGH, BBOZ)

16 December 19

Subscribers questions (OZL, SFR, FBR, BIN, ALF, TLS, BOQ, NST, NWH, WAM)

13 December 19

Will the Australian Real Estate stocks follow their US peers lower? (CBA, WBC, WTC, GMG, SCG, DXS, MGR, SGP)

12 December 19

Britain goes to the polls, how will it affect the ASX? (S32, EML, PDL, IRE, JHG, XRO, SGM)

11 December 19

Overseas Wednesday – International Equities & ETF Portfolios (TTD US, 700 HK, TBF US)

10 December 19

Do we like the 5 standout performers into 2020? (A2M, BPT, AVH, PNV, FMG, APT, JIN)

09 December 19

Subscribers questions (BOQ, BHP, BBOZ, NWH, MSB, RDV, CPD, PYC, AMP, WHC, ANZ, SIQ, SFR, MIN, CNU, NCM)

06 December 19

Are the Resources on track for MM? (WBC, FMG, OZL, WSA, AWC, S32)

05 December 19

Panic equals opportunity 9 times out of 10 – what to buy? (SVW, WSA, CWY, IVC, ASB)

04 December 19

Overseas Wednesday – International Equities & ETF Portfolios (GDX US, TTD US, OZL, IEM US, 700 HK, TBF US)

03 December 19

The Santa Claus Rally “Truth or myth?” (CPU, RWC, SVW)

02 December 19

Subscribers questions (FMG, WBC, OTW, AMP, SUN, LVT, S32, MVP, LYC, JMS, MSB, VUK, IEM)

29 November 19

Our second look at international fast food stocks (TLS, WBC, YUMC US, DPZ US, DNKN US, WEN US, SHAK US)

28 November 19

Have the RBA just moved the goalposts? (TCL, GMG, BLD)

27 November 19

Overseas Wednesday – International Equities & ETF Portfolios (IPH, WTC, AVH, MCD US, SBUX US, YUM US, CMG US, QSR US)

26 November 19

Looking inside next year’s US election (WBC, CBA, BOQ, TNE, SSM)

25 November 19

Subscribers questions (SIQ, WTC, BIN, CPU, LNK, WBC, GMG, AAPL US, CGC, SFR, OZL)

22 November 19

Reviewing Hamish Douglass (Magellan’s) 5 largest holdings (WSA, IGO, WBC, GOOGL US, MSFT US, FB US, SBUX US, BABA US)

21 November 19

Looking for opportunities from 7 movers following results / AGM’s this month (WBC, CSL, ALQ, TNE, ALL, A2M, WTC, WEB, APX)

20 November 19

Overseas Wednesday – International Equities & ETF Portfolios (BRK/A US, AAPL US, WFC US, KO US, AXP US, OZL, BABA US)

19 November 19

The major Telcos are quiet, is the smaller end of town attractive? (TLS, NXT, MAQ, OPC, OTW, ST1)

18 November 19

Subscribers questions (WBC, CGI, IDX, FMG, CGC, GEM, BLD)

15 November 19

Australia’s pain is the share markets gain, for now (RIO, NCM, TCL, GMG, CBA, APX)

14 November 19

Does Bingo’s update yesterday imply the Building Sector is set for a recovery? (RIO, BIN, BLD, CSR, FBU, BKW, JHX, ABC)

13 November 19

Overseas Wednesday – International Equities & ETF Portfolios (FMG, SGM, BSL, OZL, TECK US, C US, IEM US, BABA US, 700.HK, TTD US)

12 November 19

Are Farallon Capital “panicking” at the bottom for coal stocks? (NCM, GDX US, WHC, S32, NHC, SOL)

11 November 19

Subscribers questions (WBC, AMZN US, JHG, CGC, TGF, CGF, HLS, FMG, RIO)

08 November 19

Will a “Trade War” resolution be the catalyst to ignite the Energy Sector? (SSM, NWH, PDL, WPL, COE, OSH, STO, BPT)

07 November 19

How bad could this “WAAAX selling” become? (CGC, PDL, NAB, WTC, APX, ALU, APT, XRO)

06 November 19

Overseas Wednesday – International Equities & ETF Portfolios (WBC, PDL, OZL, TECK US, C US, IEM, BABA US)

05 November 19

Should we take the $$ or buy yet more resources? (NAB, NWH, BSL, FMG, S32, WHC, SFR)

04 November 19

Subscribers' Questions - (BBOZ, XARO, AAPL US, NBL, CSL, SEA, RFG, MCHI US, RHC, TGP)

01 November 19

MM - Boris to win BREXIT but trade war volatility will persist (CGC, ANZ)

31 October 19

Is it time for the Phoenix to fly over momentum? (LLC, BHP, WOW, WTC, CSL, SGM, ING, WPL)

30 October 19

Overseas Wednesday – International Equities & ETF Portfolios (OZL, IEM, QRE)

29 October 19

Why we definitely prefer the active over passive approach into 2020 (CGC, BLD, IEM, RIO, TIF US, FMG, BSL)

28 October 19

Subscribers questions (EVN, SSM, GMG, NSR, AMC, SKI, UBER US, TSLA US, CBA)

25 October 19

Are we concerned by the struggling Australian gold sector? (JBH, RMS FP, GDX, NCM, EVN, RRL)

24 October 19

Time to watch MM’s large Resources basket very closely! (SSM, CGC, CAT US, BHP, RIO, OZL, FMG, WSA)

23 October 19

Overseas Wednesday – International Equities & ETF Portfolios (CCI, BHP, COPX US, IEM)

22 October 19

Has Stockland (SGP) delivered an important message? (TWE, BAC US, SGP, GMG, BKW, BIN, CSR, BLD)

21 October 19

Subscribers questions (ANZ, PFP, IVC, CBA, CIA, DCG, XARO, ALK)

18 October 19

5 major market dynamics catching our eye (BOQ, GDX, BHP, IFL)

17 October 19

Venturing under the hood of the ASX200’s Capital Goods Sector (APT, EEM US, NWH, RWC, SSM, SVW, MND)

16 October 19

Overseas Wednesday – International Equities & ETF Portfolios (JHG US, JPM US, JNJ US, UNH US, DTYS US)

15 October 19

How MM wants to position portfolios into Christmas & beyond (JHG, CYB, CGC, FMG, ALL, TCL)

14 October 19

Subscribers questions (FLT, IFM, PHB, CV1, GDX, JMS, PLS, FMG, NBI, MXT)

11 October 19

Are any ASX sectors showing their hand? (ORA, PNV, CUV)

10 October 19

Is it time to reconsider the embattled the lithium sector? (FLT, WEB, EEM US, LIT US, ORE, GXY, PLS)

09 October 19

Overseas Wednesday – International Equities & ETF Portfolios (NCM, GLEN LN, VALE US, FCX US, TTD US, DTYS US)

08 October 19

Subscribers questions (TCL, NCM, NXT, NEA, LCK, QLTA, CRED, XARO, AGL, AST)

04 October 19

5 stocks MM are keen to buy into further weakness - (ANZ, BLD, OZL, WPL, WSA)

03 October 19

Time for focus as stocks plunge! (GDX US, EEM US, DTYS US)

02 October 19

Overseas Wednesday – International Equities & ETF Portfolios (BABA US, V US, MSFT US, DTYS US)

01 October 19

Revisiting 5 underperformers for opportunities (CGC, GDX US, A2M, PME, SGM, WEB, APX)

30 September 19

Subscribers questions (MLD, S32, BAL, LVT, GDX, NCM, AD8, EVN, SZL)

27 September 19

Are the last month's outperformers just getting started? - (NCM, TLS, RWC, ASB, SIQ, GEM, DMP)

26 September 19

How far do we see the resources correcting? (BHP, RIO, FMG, WSA, OZL)

25 September 19

Overseas Wednesday – International Equities & ETF Portfolios (AMZN, AAPL, MSFT, DTYS, GBP)

24 September 19

Is it time to re-enter the Telco sector? - (CNU, TLS, TPM, VOC, WEB)

23 September 19

Subscriber’s Questions – (A2M, BAL, FMG, NCM, NST, PAR, QRI, SEC, WPM US)

20 September 19

Markets believe there’s a 70% chance of an RBA rate cut In October, how should we invest? (CBA, TCL, SYD, BLD, BHP)

19 September 19

Do we see any value in the ASX200’s 5 worst performers? (A2M, ING, IEL, SDA, CYB)

18 September 19

Overseas Wednesday – International Equities & ETF Portfolios (GDX US, NCM, BABA US, TTD US, PSH NA, BAC US, RY CN)

17 September 19

Bond yields firm, oil surges should we “run” from growth to cyclicals? (RHC, NCM, BSL, WPL)

16 September 19

Subscribers questions (BHP, OZL, IIND, MSB, MGG, NCM, ASL, AWC, WSA, HLS)

13 September 19

Does the Healthcare sector look poised to repeat 2018? (CSL, COH, RMD, ANN, PME)

12 September 19

Could Iran & Aramco become too much for the Oil sector? (WPL, BPT, STO)

11 September 19

Overseas Wednesday – International Equities & ETF Portfolios – (COH, APX, SYD, GDX AU, EVN, RDSA LN, BAC US, GOVT US)

10 September 19

Can growth stocks maintain their momentum? – (GDX, WSA, APX, ALU, WTC, XRO, APT)

09 September 19

Subscriber’s questions (OZL, CIM, MQG, QBE, WOR, CYB, WPL, NAN, MQG, MGF, MFG)

06 September 19

Time to buy the embattled Financials? (EHL, CYB, EVN, NAB, IFL, JHG, PNI)

05 September 19

How to play the “Cyclical v Defensive” elastic band (BHP, TCL, JBH, GMA)

04 September 19

Overseas Wednesday – International Equities & ETF Portfolios (CGC, AAPL US, FB US, BABA US, SLVP US)

03 September 19

Evaluating 5 of the top ASX200 performers (BHP, WSA, ASB, SSM, PME, CUV, APX)

02 September 19

Subscribers questions (AAPL, FMG, FNP, CRN, MRG)

30 August 19

A few alarm bells are ringing in bond land - (APX, BHP, GDX, NST)

29 August 19

“Doctor Coppers” not convinced about a recession (MQG, MFG, OZL, BHP, SFR)

28 August 19

Overseas Wednesday – International Equities & ETF Portfolios (FMG, CBA, BSL, EEM, AAPL US, MSFT US, MCD US, GOLD US, EUM US, SLVP US)

27 August 19

Are Insurance stocks telling us where interest rates are headed? (BLD, NCM, SUN, MPL, NHF, IAG, QBE)

26 August 19

Subscribers questions (A2M, CGC, EHL, ASL, BIN, AWC, WSA, MFG, AHG, RIO, CBA)

23 August 19

Reviewing the Australian IT sector as the NASDAQ struggles - (CGC, NAB, GDX, WTC, XRO, APT, APX, ALU)

22 August 19

Can we see any value in the 5 shockers from yesterday? (BHP, BSL, RSG, A2M, ILU, NEA, BXB, EHL)

21 August 19

Overseas Wednesday – International Equities & ETF Portfolios (BHP, RIO, IPH, SEK, EEM, FB US, JPM US, DIS US, ABX US, GDX US, TYU9)

20 August 19

Actions MM are considering if we rally ~2% towards 6600 (NST, GDX AU, BBOZ, GDX US, BOQ, FMG, EHL)

19 August 19

Subscribers questions (TCL, WEB, KDR, RWC, WHC, AWC)

16 August 19

5 stocks we are considering into the current market panic & a word on recent performance (BIN, ALL, MQG, OZL, APX)

15 August 19

Should we buy more gold stocks as volatility increases? - (CSL, EVN, GDX, MFG, NCM, NST, PGH, RSG, SAR)

14 August 19

Overseas Wednesday – International Equities & ETF Portfolios (MFG, COH, CYB, BABA US, 700 HK, 2318 HK, SH US, TYU9, GOVT US)

13 August 19

Keep your fingers on the pulse, there’s lots going on (JBH)

12 August 19

Subscribers questions (RIO, FMG, APX, RFF, CBA, BBOZ, CQE, WHC)

09 August 19

Market Rallies into the Weekend – (AGL, BBOZ, IAG)

08 August 19

Market goes quiet as James jumps on his postie bike (CBA, BBOZ)

07 August 19

Wednesday Wrap – A look across our portfolios (CBA, NCM, RIO, FMG, EUM US)

06 August 19

The clash of the titans escalates, hold on tight! (RMB, VIX, RIO, BBOZ, NCM)

05 August 19

Subscribers questions (GDX, EGG, ABC, CIM, DOW, PBH)

02 August 19

The Fed & now Trump are weighing on stocks (RIO, FMG, NCM)

01 August 19

Do we see any value “yet” in current market underperformers? (ABC, JHG, PDL, BIN, CYB, CCP)

31 July 19

Overseas Wednesday – International Equities & ETF Portfolios (CYB, NCM, VIX, BAC US, EPV US, EUM US, TYU9, TMF US)

30 July 19

To buy or sell now? – 5 stocks catching our eye (CBA, BIN, MXWO, CWN, FMG, WOR, JHX, EHL)

29 July 19

Subscriber's Questions (ANZ, APX, CBA, GCI, ILU, MXT, NBI)

26 July 19

Will IOOF spark a recovery for the struggling Fund Managers? (IFL, PDL, PPT, PNI)

25 July 19

Looking for the needle in the haystack called the ASX200 (NHF, NCM, ELD, BGA, TLS)

24 July 19

Overseas Wednesday – International Equities & ETF Portfolios (OZL, FMG, WSA, SH US, MCD US, BABA US, NFLX US, EUM US, TMF US)

23 July 19

MM is concerned for the much loved Healthcare sector (CSL, COH, RMD)

22 July 19

Subscribers questions (GDX AU, RED, ABC, THC, WHC, NFLX US, IBM US)

19 July 19

MM feels it’s time to change tack with Gold investing (CIM, ASL, GDX AU)

18 July 19

Is it time to take $$ on our “dog” investments, or switch to the new breed? (DMP, BHP, NHF, CBA, ASL, WEB)

17 July 19

Overseas Wednesday – International Equities & ETF Portfolios (TLS, NHF, DMP, RIO, SH US, MCD US, WMT US, BABA US, EUM US, TMF US)

16 July 19

3 switches on our radar for the weeks ahead (AMP, CBA, ANZ, ASL, TLS, HLS, SIG, NHF, SKC)

15 July 19

Subscribers questions (ORE, GDXJ, PAC, HYD, PDN)

12 July 19

3 stocks we like if a market correction unfolds (RFF, WSA, IGO, AMP)

11 July 19

The Fed has spoken, will markets again follow? (COH, CBA, NFLX.US)

10 July 19

Overseas Wednesday – International & ETF Portfolios (DMP, NFLX US, MCD US, WMT US)

09 July 19

Reviewing the local Media & Entertainment sector (DBK GY, REA, OML, NEC, CAR, SXL)

08 July 19

Subscribers questions (KGN, NXT, CBA, MQG, ALU, FMG, PET, AUDS)

05 July 19

The RBA wants infrastructure spending, can we still find opportunities here? (EEM US, MSCI, BLD, ABC, CIM, DOW, LLC)

04 July 19

Hunting for value in a market at decade highs (NHF, IAG, SIQ, ING, SVW, PPT)

03 July 19

Overseas Wednesday & the launch of our MM Marco ETF Portfolio (CBA, 005930 KS, NFLX US, BAC US, AUDS, GDX US)

02 July 19

Is the current rally in IT stocks a breakout or blow-off? (NST, RIO, BHP, APX, XRO)

01 July 19

Subscribers questions (APT, QHL, ORA, ADH, SGM, BBOZ, SFR, ALL)

28 June 19

How far could the “yield play” stocks correct? (RIO, PGH, TCL, SYD, TLS, CBA)

27 June 19

The “risk on” button appears to being pressed into the G20 (ANN, SFR, WOR, STO, FB US, AAPL US)

26 June 19

Overseas Wednesday – MM launches its International Equities Portfolio **Buy 2318 HK** (AAPL US, ABX, 2318 HK)

25 June 19

Do we see any value in any of the out of favour base metal stocks? (ASL, OZL, SFR, WSA, AWC)

24 June 19

Subscribers questions (MOY, CSL, PAC, NCM, ILU, GUD, JHG)

21 June 19

Does Europe remain the wrong way for portfolios to face? (CPU, LNK, MQG, DMP, ANN)

20 June 19

Can the years worst performers at least finish well? (PGH, CGC, NUF, BAL, CGF)

19 June 19

Overseas Wednesday as the G20 approaches

18 June 19

Are some local fund managers becoming too cheap? (MFG, PPT, PDL, CGF, AMP)

17 June 19

Subscribers questions (KDR, HLS, VOC, CBA, LNK, BLD, WOR, SGM, TLS, MXT, NBI, BIN, WSA)

14 June 19

Crude oil is flirting with $US50/barrel can our energy sector defy the weakness? (WPL, STO, BPT)

13 June 19

Considering the “second tier” iron ore stocks as the commodity surges (EVN, CGF, AWC, RIO, MGX, MIN, GRR)

12 June 19

A mixed overseas & local report after the ASX roars (NST, RRL, BHP, AAPL US, AMZN US, CSCO US, MSFT US, FB US,

11 June 19

Sectors we do & don’t like as lower rates are trumping poor growth (RIO, CSL, RMD)

06 June 19

5 calls that influence our thinking on markets (CBA, NHF, RMD, RRL, SUN)

05 June 19

Weekly Overseas Report after the RBA cuts rates (VOC, FB US, AAPL US, AMZN US, NFLX US, GOOGL US)

04 June 19

Is it time to lighten our market exposure? (MQG, RIO, RMD, JHG, ALL)

03 June 19

Subscribers questions (FLT, LYC, CGC, WHC, DCN, QMS, FLC, CLQ, BSL)

31 May 19

Has the Mirvac (MGR) capital raise signalled its time to depart the Real Estate sector? (ILU, EHL, CGC, MGR, GMG, CLW, SCG, LLC)

30 May 19

Should we buy the classic “yield play” stocks as bond yields plunge? (SYD, TCL, ALX, SKI, AGL)

29 May 19

Weekly Overseas Report including a chat with my friend Charlie Aitken (700 HK, BABA US, MSFT US, AAPL US, FB US, TTD US)

28 May 19

Looking for value in the “drifting” insurance sector (SUN, QBE, IAG, NHF)

27 May 19

Subscribers questions (CBA, NCK, OZL, MQG, ANZ)

24 May 19

Is it time to follow the market back into Consumer Discretionary stocks? (ALL, HVN, SGR, BAP, FLT, AHG, APE)

23 May 19

Do we agree with UBS on the downgrade of some Platform providers? (AMP, IFL)

22 May 19

Weekly Overseas Report - is it time for Australia or International exposure? (FB US, AAPL US, AMNZ US, NFLX US, GOOGL US)

21 May 19

What a difference an election makes, what now? (NHF, WBC, NAB, EHL, WEB, TCG LN, SYD)

20 May 19

Election fallout & subscribers questions (PCI, BSL)

17 May 19

Will the other miners follow Fortescue with more dividend bonanzas?

16 May 19

Looking for opportunities in the ASX200’s big movers (FMG, LLC, EVN, RWC, ABC)

15 May 19

Weekly Overseas Report as Trump hits stocks – Part 2 (ILU, FMG, AAPL, BABA US, MMM US, 005930 KS, WFC US)

14 May 19

Looking for opportunities in today’s exciting & volatile market (FMG, RIO, ILU, MQG, SGR, CWN)

13 May 19

Subscribers questions (SGM, BKL, SPL, CIM, RCR, LLC, MIN, MQG)

10 May 19

Is Adelaide Brighton (ABC) the sign for whats next for the Australian building sector? (ABC, CSR, BLD, JHX, FBU)

09 May 19

Evaluating 3 situations influencing the ASX200 hood (BIN, HLS, ASL, BOQ, TPM)

08 May 19

Weekly Overseas Report as Trump pressures market (FMG, DWDP US, BABA US, CRM US, MC FP, AAPL US)

07 May 19

Is Trump providing opportunity or creating a disaster? (FMG, SGR, WSA, LLC, APX, NCM)

06 May 19

Subscribers Questions (HSO, ALU, APX, BBOZ, KDR, ORE, AMP)

03 May 19

Is Wesfarmers timing correct to buy into the Electric Vehicle (EV) space? - (AJM, GXY, KDR, MIN, NAB, ORE)

02 May 19

Are some auto players set to recover? - (CGC, EHL, ARB, GUD, BAP, APE, SUL, AHG)

01 May 19

Weekly Overseas Report – the “FAANG’s” (RIO, NCM, FB US, AAPL US, AMZN US, NFLX US, GOOGL US)

30 April 19

Don’t panic, it’s only an election on May 18th

29 April 19

Subscribers questions (PDN, A2M, BAL, BUB, NGI, SPK, IRI, TLS, NBI)

26 April 19

Reviewing 5 market themes catching our eye - (BEN, BOQ, FLT, FMG, MMM, NHF, RMD)

24 April 19

Reviewing 5 of the World’s largest 10 companies

23 April 19

5 stocks MM is watching post Easter (SIQ, SGR, NCM, FMG, LLC)

18 April 19

Are we seeing the next big sector rotation with healthcare & resources set to be the losers?

17 April 19

Weekly Overseas Report (IShares iBOXX, QCOM US, 9984 JP,C US,NKE US, MRK US, UNH US)

16 April 19

Can we find any value in recent underperformers? (NCM, NST, BOQ, BEN, BAL, DHG, CSR, BSL, ORE, SYR, S32)

15 April 19

Subscribers questions (SGM, BSL, ISX, BBOZ)

12 April 19

Weekly Overseas Report (700, WMT, BABA, WFC, BA)

11 April 19

The high flying IT sector keeps roaring higher (XRO, APX, TNS, ALU)

10 April 19

The Financials are looking “heavy” (CWN, SGR, SGM, CGF, ASX, JHG, PPT, MQG, AMP)

09 April 19

Should we be jumping on board the iron ore train? (CWN, HLS, PTM, RSG, FMG, BHP, RIO)

08 April 19

Subscribers questions (ECX, MXT, EHL, TLS, SGM, CHC, CAT, BAP)

05 April 19

Why are Energy stocks struggling while crude oil continues to rally? (ORG, WPL, BPT, STO)

04 April 19

Why we are avoiding the classic “yield play” stocks (SYD, TCL, TLS)

03 April 19

3 stocks we like even with the ASX200 around 6300 (SGM, ASL, BSL)

02 April 19

Gold stocks are “wobbling”, MM updates where we plan to start accumulating (NCM, NST, RRL, EVN, SAR)

01 April 19

Subscribers questions (ALG, TGF, BIN, HSO, RFX, WOR, CGF)

29 March 19

Some reliable market correlations are questioning current stock market levels & valuations.

28 March 19

BREXIT sounds a mess but the exposed stocks appear strong (JHG, CYB, WEB, MQG, APT)

26 March 19

What’s an inverted yield curve & why should I be concerned? (TLS)

26 March 19

Where would we buy the resources into a correction? (APX, FMG, RIO, OZL, AWC, WSA)

25 March 19

Subscribers questions (BBOZ, HUB, PPS, ECX)