20 January 21

Income Note: How big will the Iron Ore miners’ dividends be? (TCL, SYD, CLW, SSM, SUL, RIO, BHP)

13 January 21

Income Note: Reviewing the MM Income Portfolio against our key macro calls (NABHA, CLW, TCL, SUL)

16 December 20

Income Note: Will bank dividends move higher & what’s wrong with Westpac?

09 December 20

Income Note: Why we like Metcash (MTS, CLW)

02 December 20

Income Note: The future of wealth management, according to IOOF (IFL, CLW, IGL, SIQ)

25 November 20

Income Note: Stocks are rallying – should we again increase equities & reduce hybrids in our Income Portfolio?

18 November 20

Income Note: Reviewing 5 key positions in the MM Income Portfolio (IGL, XARO, TLS, IFL, ABP)

11 November 20

Income Note: New hybrids hit the market – how do the new notes in BOQ, BEN & WBC stake up?

04 November 20

Income Note: What the AMP takeover means for our AMP Hybrids (WOW, AMPPB, MQGPD, ABP)

28 October 20

Income Note: Bank reporting – what to look for? (CBA)

21 October 20

Income Note: Finding yield as rates continue to slide (BHP, CBA, SIQ)

14 October 20

Income Note: A review of the new Challenger Financial Hybrid

07 October 20

Income Note: Infrastructure – a key beneficiary of last night’s budget (NABHA, DOW, IFL) **Portfolio Alerts - Income Portfolio - Sell Perpetual (PPT), Buy IOOF (IFL)**

23 September 20

Income Portfolio: Is IOOF now an income opportunity? (CLW, IFL)

16 September 20

Income Note: MM’s current thoughts on our income securities (AMPPB, WBCPI, MXT, XARO, NBI, LQD US, HYG US, CBA)

24 June 20

Income Note: Banks, the sector in 7 charts (CBA)

17 June 20

Income Note: Childcare stocks have been hit hard, are there opportunities? (SUL, GEM, CQE, ARF)

10 June 20

Income Note: How much pain has been priced into property stocks?

04 March 20

Income Note: Are bond markets waving a red flag yet? (NBI, KKR)

26 February 20

Income Report: IVE Group (IGL) – cut or accumulate?

19 February 20

Income Report: Should we buy the new NAB Hybrid?

12 February 20

Income Report: Reporting dominates (CBA, CSL, CPU, JHX)

05 February 20

Income Report: Amending asset allocation in the MM Income Portfolio (MXT, CBAPF) **Alert - MXT**

29 January 20

Income Note: Taking the opportunity to ‘tweak’ the Income Portfolio into current volatility (GMA, MTS, SGP, WBC, SIQ, WPL)

18 December 19

Income Report: SmartGroup (SIQ), trap or treasure? (SIQ, VVR)

04 December 19

Income Report: Reviewing IVE Group after they make a timely acquisition (IGL, NBI)

27 November 19

Why we’re adding the new AMP Hybrid to the Income Portfolio

20 November 19

Income Report: Why shares are becoming the ‘go too’ for income in this ‘mad world’ (AGL, MQGPD, MXT)

13 November 19

Income Report: Thinking about the changing nature of property businesses & update on AXLHA (CSR, ABP, GMG)

06 November 19

Income Report: Some thoughts on the MM Income Portfolio (GCI, CSR, GMA, TCL, PDL, PPT, WBC)

30 October 19

Income Report: Revisiting Bank Valuations (ANZ, CBA, NAB, WBC)

23 October 19

Income Report: Screening for Income Opportunities (FMG, NEC, SFR, NHC)

16 October 19

Income Report: Where to put money coming out of Term Deposits? (MXT, MOT, PCI, NBI, XARO AXW)

09 October 19

Income Report: Answering subscriber questions on Listed Investment Companies (LICs) + a new hybrid from CBA

02 October 19

Income Report: Do you have specific questions on LICs? (ALF, XARO)

25 September 19

Income Report: Are we too heavily exposed to property? (ABP, SGP, GMA, CSR, ANZ)

18 September 19

Income Report: Stepping up and fading the recent move in bond yields – includes portfolio buy-sell alerts (SKI, TCL, FLT, WHC, EHE)

12 September 19

Income Report: What does the sell-off in bonds mean for traditional income stocks? (CSR, IGL, TLS, SKI, TCL)

04 September 19

Income Report: Bottom Feeding for Income (CSR, URW, PTM, ING)

28 August 19

Income Report: Current thoughts on the equity positions in the portfolio – Video

21 August 19

Income Report: We’re adding another property stock to the portfolio (ABP, GMA, SGP)

31 July 19

Income Report: ABC downgrade and implications for our portfolios (ABC, CSR, GMA)

24 July 19

Income Report: Hunting through the LIC space for value (FOR, WLE, CDM, LSF)

17 July 19

Income Report: The Bull Case for Flight Centre (CBA, ANZ, FLT)

10 July 19

Income Report: Tweaking the MM Income Portfolio (MXT, BOQ, CBAPF, TAH, SGP, NBI)

03 July 19

Income Report: Asset allocation framework when targeting income

26 June 19

Income Report: An interview with Banking Analyst Brett LeMesurier (GMA, CSR, NBI)

05 June 19

Income Report: Bank valuations post rally (ANZ, CBA, NAB, WBC, BEN, BOQ)

29 May 19

Income note: Reviewing 3 underperformers in the portfolio (EHE, IGL, GMA)

22 May 19

Income Report: 4 post-election income opportunities

08 May 19

Income Report: 5 yield stocks in tough sectors (CSR, GEM,SGP, WBC, WHC)

01 May 19

Income Report: Practical steps taken by one subscriber to address Labor’s attack on franking credits (ANZ, GMA)

17 April 19

Income Report: Short & Sharp Today

10 April 19

Income Report: Tweaking the portfolio (AWC, PPT, EHE, AXLHA)

03 April 19

Income Report: A deeper dive into the Woolworths Buy Back (WOW)

27 March 19

Income Report: How could a change of Government impact Listed Investment Companies (LIC’s) (WLE, CDM)

20 March 19

Income Report: A look at high yielding stocks

13 March 19

Income Report: A look at 3 new deals (MXT, NBI)

06 March 19

Income Report: Is a change of Government a risk for Hybrid’s?

27 February 19

Income Report; Should we buy regional banks for yield? (BEN, BOQ)

20 February 19

Income Report; Searching for income opportunities in recent results (BHP, FMG, COL, WES, WOW, MTS, SGP, NEC, BOQ)

13 February 19

Income Report; A look at the new NAB Hybrid

06 February 19

Income Report; A look at Australia’s favourite income stock – CBA (CBA, IAG, GMA)

30 January 19

Income Report: Property stocks – are they worth another look? (VCX, NCK)

23 January 19

Income Report; Are corporate bonds becoming too risky?

16 January 19

Income Report: Looking at opportunities to tweak the portfolio

19 December 18

Income Report; Bank valuations

12 December 18

Income Report; High Yield = High Risk… IOOF (ASX: IFL) a case in point

05 December 18

Income Report; Yield Curve – what it is & what it can mean, BHP Buy Back

28 November 18

Income Report; Taking a step back & looking at market stats

21 November 18

Income Report; Why we don’t like Wesfarmers (ASX: WES) or Coles (ASX: COL) & an update on ASX: AXLHA

14 November 18

Income Report; Why we’d sell WAM, new Westpac hybrid

07 November 18

Income Report; Should we follow Nick Politis & buy back into AP Eagers (APE, AHG, MTO, ASG)

31 October 18

Income Report; ANZ result, Lessons from AMP Hybrid, GMA update

24 October 18

Income Report; Portfolio Rejig (NCK, AWC, ALF, ECX, AXLHA)

17 October 18

Income Report; Banks – is it all just too hard? (CBA, WBC, ANZ, NAB)

10 October 18

Income Report; 4 stocks we considered, 2 of which we’ll likely BUY (AGL, SUL, CMW, FMG)

03 October 18

Income Report; Is the unfranked yield in property stocks attractive? (VCX, SCG, ABP, MGR, BWP, CLW, CMA, VVR, PLG, SCP)

26 September 18

Income Report; Rio Tinto (RIO) Buy Back – A sign of what’s to come! (RIO, TRS, AWC, NBI)

19 September 18

Income Report; A cheap agricultural play, AMP - why it’s not cheap enough (MWY, AMP, AXLHA)

12 September 18

Income Report; Hybrids, Property & Fortescue Metals (FMG)

05 September 18

Income Report; Updating our technical views (NAB, SUN, NCK, CBA, GMA, TLS, PPT, ALF, FMG, IGL, ECX)

29 August 18

Income Report; 3 current holdings in the spotlight (AXLHA, IGL, ALF)

22 August 18

Income Report; A deeper dive into Fortescue + a new income opportunity (FMG, SVWPA)

15 August 18

Income Report; Dividends a plenty (TLS, IAG, SUN, NCK)

08 August 18

Income Report; CBA less bad, Listed Investment Companies (LIC’s) & Eclipx (ECX) downgrade

01 August 18

Income Report; How are our stocks positioned for reporting? (GMA, NCK, CBA, SUN)

25 July 18

Income Report; Wesfarmers, a new Bond & a Hybrid opportunity (WES, AXL, NAB)

18 July 18

Income Report; Spotting dividend traps (AHY, NAB, AMP)

11 July 18

Income Report; Are we concerned about any of our stocks in the Income Portfolio? (ECX, FMG, PPT, TLS, GMA, SUN, NCK, CBA, NAB, ALF and IGL)

04 July 18

Income Report; Without stating the obvious, AMP faces some major challenges

27 June 18

Income Report; Two new income opportunities – Axsesstoday (AXL) listed Bond paying ~7% & the Viva Energy IPO

20 June 18

Income Report; Telstra – smoke & mirrors or a key turning point? (TLS)

13 June 18

Income Portfolio; Are we concerned about property prices? (GMA, CBA, HVN, NCK, GTY)

06 June 18

Income Report; One sell & two buys (VCX, ECX, IGL)

30 May 18

Income Report; Fade not follow the current pullback in global interest rates (ALX, SYD, AIA, TCL, SKI)

23 May 18

Income Report; Mid-Cap opportunities….(ECX, CNU, IGL)

16 May 18

Income Report; Are bank dividends sustainable? (CBA, NAB, WBC, ANZ)

09 May 18

Income Report; 3 overvalued yield stocks (WOW, TCL, BWP)

02 May 18

Income Report; AMP is cheap – should we buy for income? (AMP)

18 April 18

Income Report; Portfolio moves & some options education (PPT)

11 April 18

Income Report; FMG & GMA - Hold or Fold, plus two small cap opportunities (FMG, GMA, IVE, CNU)

04 April 18

Income Report; Property Stocks & Hybrids – what happens if Shorten actually gets in? (WFD)

28 March 18

Income Report; Action in Bank Hybrids, Portfolio Changes, Aussie Housing – will it crash? (SUN)

21 March 18

Income Report; Bond & Cash ETF's

14 March 18

Income Report; Loopy Labor, Portfolio moves & views (BHP, FMG, ALF, PPT, WPL, VCX, TLS, GMA, SUN, NCK, NAB, CBA)

07 March 18

Income Report; Using ETFs for Income + the new CBA hybrid

28 February 18

Income Report; MXT raising money – worth a look

21 February 18

Income Report; Should we cut FMG on their dividend miss? (FMG, BHP, WES)

14 February 18

Income Report; GMA – problem or opportunity? Woodside raise & results (GMA, WPL)

07 February 18

Income Report; A focus on reporting. (CBA, NCK, MQG, BWP, GMA, WBC Hybrid)

31 January 18

Income Report; Interest Rates the key as volatility spikes

24 January 18

Income Report; Keeping our finger on the pulse for opportunities (FMG, PPT, HVN, NCK)

17 January 18

Income Report; 2 extremes – Income from Hybrids & Options

10 January 18

Income Report; What can we sell to increase cash? (NCK, HVN, TLS, PPT, NXT, NAB)

20 December 17

Income Report; Outlining targets for the portfolio

13 December 17

Income Report; A look at our positioning (NAB, SUN, HVN, NCK, VCX)

06 December 17

Income Report; 4 Income Opportunities (ALF,CMA)

29 November 17

Income Report: Amending Our Portfolio Mix (CNI, APE, NAB, PPT)

22 November 17

Income Report; The Wealth Management space is heating up (IFL, PTM, PPT, AMP)

08 November 17

Income Report; Reduce Centuria (CNI) to add Vicinity (VCX)

01 November 17

Income Report; How predictable are dividends? (CBA, NCK, TLS, SUN, FMG)

25 October 17

Income Report; Should we own property stocks for income?

11 October 17

Income Report; MCP hits the boards, interesting moves around CNI, new Hybrid muted for Bendigo Bank – CNI, MXT

04 October 17

Income Report; Our cash levels look correct

27 September 17

Income Report; we’ve spent a little money on an unpopular stock!

13 September 17

Income Report; 3 income stocks under the microscope

06 September 17

Searching for opportunities in the Hybrid space

30 August 17

Miners – should we BUY for yield? (BHP, AWC)

23 August 17

Income Report; Are the supermarkets a better bet than their landlords?

16 August 17

Income Report; A New Investment Opportunity that is ‘outside the box’!

09 August 17

Income Report; Taking a look at 4 of our holdings

02 August 17

Income Report; We add another ‘controversial’ stock to the portfolio

26 July 17

Income Report; Staring down the Bear – BUY Harvey Norman

12 July 17

Income Report; A deeper dive into Hybrids

05 July 17

Introducing the Market Matters Income Portfolio

11 December 13

Stand out of the week 11th December 2013

05 December 13

QAN - the sector not to be in

29 November 13

Stand Out of the Week Part II

29 November 13

Stand Out of the Week

24 November 13

WorleyParsons Limited

16 November 13

James Hardie breaks to new highs