Morning Report / OUR Q2 2017 RESULTS ARE IN!

By Market Matters 12 July 17


Market Matters Returns

Markets have remained challenging over the past few years, however our results have been extremely strong. Our active management has been key as has our ability to identify trends ahead of time.
We've just published our results for the last quarter of the 2016/2017 Financial Year, and we’re thrilled with our returns. We are pleased to share this with our members and non-members alike, giving you a valuable insight into our most recent activity!
  • 9 out of the 10 stocks we sold during Q2 returned positive results.
  • The average return from all 10 alerts was 7.88%.
  • The average return of the 9 profitable trades was 10.36%.
  • Our star performer for the quarter was Star Entertainment (SGR) returning a healthy 19.43%
Despite a volatile time in the markets, our institutional-level insight and timely BUY/SELL SMS & email alerts have helped our members see fantastic returns in their portfolios in the past few quarters, and we'd like to show you our TRANSPARENT returns during this time.

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April 2017 - June 2017

Market Open
3/4/2017 - 5,861

Market Performance
-140 Points -2.39%
Market Close
30/6/2017 - 5,721

Market Matters Snapshot
9 Profitable Alerts
1 Non-Profitable Alerts
ASX 200 Performance
A detailed view of all CLOSED positions as of Q2 2017:
Australia and NZ Bank (ANZ)
Price at Buy Alert
21/01/2017 - $29.10

Price at Sell Alert
8/05/2017 - $32.96
Holding Period: 104
Dividends: $0.80
Return: 16.01%
Market Return: 3.89%

Commonwealth Bank (CBA)
Price at Buy Alert
15/02/2017 - $76.00

Price at Sell Alert
28/04/2017 - $87.14
Holding Period: 72
Dividends: $1.99
Return: 17.28%
Market Return: 1.98%

Primary Healthcare (PRY)
Price at Buy Alert
22/03/2017 - $3.40

Price at Sell Alert
20/04/2017 - $3.41
Holding Period: 29
Dividends: $0.00
Return: 0.29%
Market Return: 2.41%

Ramsay Healthcare (RHC)
Price at Buy Alert
27/02/17 - $69.97

Price at Sell Alert
18/04/2017 - $70.54
Holding Period: 50
Dividends: $0.53
Return: 1.57%
Market Return: 1.96%

Telstra (TLS)
Price at Buy Alert
12/04/2017 - $4.29

Price at Sell Alert
26/06/2017 - $4.35
Holding Period: 75
Dividends: $0.00
Return: 1.4%
Market Return: -3.59%
Ansell (ANN)
Price at Buy Alert
27/02/2017 - $21.02

Price at Sell Alert
28/04/17 - $23.58
Holding Period: 60
Dividends: $0.00
Return: 12.18%
Market Return: 3.49%

Henderson Group (JHG/HGG) 1
Price at Buy Alert
18/01/2017 - $38.20 (bought as HGG, $3.82)

Price at Sell Alert
30/5/2017 - $41.00
Holding Period: 132
Return: 7.33%
Market Return: 0.69%

Henderson Group (JHG/HGG) 2
Price at Buy Alert
18/01/2017 - $38.20 (bought as HGG, $3.82)

Price at Sell Alert
30/5/17 - $43.43
Holding Period: 154
Dividends: $1.58
Return: 17.83%
Market Return: -0.23%

Platinum Asset (PTM)
Price at Buy Alert
10/01/2017 - $5.29

Price at Sell Alert
01/05/2017 - $4.37
Holding Period: 111
Dividends: $0.15
Return: -14.56%
Market Return: 3.4%

Star Entertainment (SGR)
Price at Buy Alert
07/02/2017 - $4.76

Price at Sell Alert
08/05/2017 - $5.61
Holding Period: 90
Dividends: $0.075
Return: 19.43%
Market Return: 4.43%

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