How we can help you succeed

Successful investors need a range of services to help them tackle the market. We provide our members with timely updates and analysis to make their trading more effective and profitable. Whether it’s live feeds via social media, an end of day position report, or weekly reports and market analysis, you’ll be armed with the tools you need to confidently – and successfully – trade the market. At Market Matters, our members receive 10 great trading and investing services:

1. Live Twitter feed / blog

With live coverage on the issues that matter for your investments throughout the day, you know about important market events as they happen.

  • Receive the information you need to make educated decisions quickly during a busy day.

2. Morning and afternoon note

Twice a day the Market Matters team updates you on overnight movements, the day ahead and the post-market wrap. They also provide you with proprietary thoughts, insights and commentary based on the daily news.

  • Receive a concise summary of all public news influencing the market.
  • Benefit from trading/investing ideas based on the news, rather than just reading it.

3. The Market Matters Report

Market Matters weekly report summarises all the relevant market movements and sets out targets for the next week. Combining fundamental and technical input, it provides clear and valuable insights – without the emotions of an open market.

  • See the actual positions held by a market professional.
  • Receive short-term trading ideas and positions that aid your trading and investing.

4. Short-term Trading Positions

Market Matters evaluates some stocks that have higher risk for shorter term positions within their own portfolios. Members are able to act on these recommendations.

  • Benefit from the potential return of short-term trading recommendations.

5. The Top 10 Markets that Matter

 You have access to the 10 best trading and investment opportunities we are currently holding or watching closely. We provide access to fundamental and technical information and views on each of these stocks, as well as buy and sell levels.

  • Updated regularly to provide you with the ability to select opportunities and to develop a share portfolio.

6. The Market Matters Positions

At the close of each trading day, Market Matters actual trading positions are listed, accompanied by the exact weightings and rationale for the position. These are split into different portfolios suitable for either SMSFs or Traders.

  • See and replicate the exact portfolio held by a professional trader.
  • Trade easy to access stocks, as Market Matters only invest in Blue Chip shares.

7. Live Investment Alerts

Receive correspondence in live time whenever we transact in the Market Matters portfolio or short-term trading positions.

  • Live SMS and Email Alerts whenever we trade
  • Members receive notiforcations via SMS and email whenever we take a position in the market.
  • Real time notiforcations, outlining our price levels, position sizing, risk rating, time horizon and rationale for taking action, direct to your PC or phone.

8. Weekly Audio Update

A clear and concise audio run down on what the market has done and where it’s going.

  • Get up-to-date on the market in minutes.
  • Ensure you stay in touch even when you’re away from your computer.

9. Seminars and Webinars

Hear from some of the best traders and investors around. Learn the tricks of the trade and hidden secrets that have given them great returns over the years.

  • Learn from the best in the business.
  • Build your skills in the nuts and bolts of trading and making money.

10. Ad Hoc Analysis

On request, receive a clear buy or sell recommendation on any ASX Top 50 stock, accompanied by a technical and fundamental view. You also receive a copy of the most recent broker consensus opinion on the stock.

  • Get a professional opinion before making a final trading decision.
  • Have peace of mind from an objective, professional opinion.

Wouldn’t you love to make investment decisions like an experts who have been trading the market for almost 80 years? Now you can.

Whether you’re a soon-to-be retiree looking for more from your super, or a first-time trader ready to reap the potential of bigger opportunities, Market Matters is the key to maximising your returns. At Market Matters, you get access to trading strategies and secrets from real traders who’ve been watching the markets and successfully investing their own money for decades.

Practical tips that work

Our hands-on approach, intelligent insights, exceptional expertise and proven track record can help grow and protect your wealth. As a Market Matters member, you’ll have the tools and the confidence to take your investments further, knowing we’re with you all the way.

Get the experts on your side

When you’re a member of Market Matters, you get to share daily updates, weekly opinions and in-depth analysis from our expert traders. It’s information that makes certain your investments are smart decisions – every time.

Investing with you

The key difference with the Market Matters analysis and updates is that we are investing our own money alongside you. We believe in putting our money where our mouth is. That way you know the investments we recommend are only the ones we’re prepared to invest in ourselves.