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Successful investors need a range of services to help them tackle the market. Our subscribers are exposed to a range of exclusive investor services. As a member, you don't just receive daily stock-market commentary and institutional level insights, but you're also equipped with the resources to replicate the movements on our portfolio via our real-time SMS & email alerts.

We provide our members with timely updates and analysis to make their investing more effective and profitable. You’ll be armed with the tools you need to confidently – and successfully – invest in the market! Besides our ongoing current market commentary, we pride ourselves in the realistic investment recommendations that we back by our own money.

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 Access to Our Flagship Growth Portfolio:
Our flagship Market Matters portfolio that provides an active approach to investing in ASX listed stocks. Often replicated either in part or in full by our members using our BUY/SELL actions which are relayed via real-time SMS and email alerts, this is an ‘absolute return’ approach, where we will go to high levels of cash if warranted and can benefit from market downturns by investing in funds that inversely track the market.

 Daily Morning Report:
Previous day/night market commentary, emerging market trends, macro perspectives and potential trade investment opportunities.

 Daily Afternoon Report:
Market activity for the day, notable market occurrences, a recap of the day's winners and losers.

 Income Portfolio:
Every Wednesday afternoon we release our Income Portfolio which is an actively managed, income focussed portfolio combining an active approach to income producing equities, ETFs and listed Income Securities such as Hybrids.

 The Weekend Report:
Weekly market summary, the market outlook for the following week, the recap of Market Matters existing positions and individual stock weighting within our own portfolio/current cash position.

 Live SMS/Email Buy/Sell Alerts: Receive correspondence in live time whenever we transact in the Market Matters portfolio or short-term trading positions. 

    - An SMS and email alert the moment we decide to buy or sell a stock:
  • The price we are buying AND selling
  • The percentage of our portfolio we are allocating to that stock
  • A risk rating
  • Our rationale for the position
  • Our likely exit strategy
    - Short-term Trading Positions: 
Occasionally, Market Matters evaluates some stocks and options that have higher risk for shorter term positions within our own portfolio. Members are also able to act on these recommendations - benefit from the potential return of short-term trading recommendations.

 Weekly & Ad Hoc Video Updates:
Our Primary Contributor, James Gerrish, runs a weekly video to subscribers providing a comprehensive run down of the markets.
  • On occasion, and whenever there is pressing news, the weekly video is replaced with an ad hoc "Direct from the Desksegment hosted straight from James' desk, with audio/visual access to our charting views and analysis on current and trending themes.
 Website Access:
Access all current and past reports, view Market Matters current and past positions, Market Matters current stock portfolio and cash weighting.

 Full Phone, Email & Live Chat:
Access to a Market Matters Consultant with insights from our investment team, including, James Gerrish.
Too many emails?  We know not everyone has time to sit in front of the computer all day watching the markets and reading stock-market commentary. If you are busy with work, or do a lot of travelling, you can always select what emails or alerts you'd like to receive and which you'd rather opt out of. All of our emails are archived in the Member's Website so you'll never miss a report.