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“Your approach to analysing the equity markets in particular is a great mixture of insight and brevity. You target the critical issues and your share selection and strategy is concise and no-nonsense. I have had an overall return of about 25% over the two months following your trades pretty closely”

Russell, Sydney NSW
Market Matters Subscriber

"As I work full time, I do not have the time to be reading through lengthy stock reports – I like the quick and concise market analysis and the timely SMS stock market notifications that you offer. Regis Resources was a great buy, and I was very happy with my return on IINET. Thank you Market Matters!"

Nikki, Willoughby NSW
Market Matters Subscriber

The Market Matters Service

Market Matters Morning Report: Monday – Friday
Receive insights into the overnight action from foreign markets, our views on the economic climate, expected trends and potential investment opportunities.

Market Matters Afternoon Report: Monday– Friday
A summary of the day’s market, significant market occurrences and a recap of the day’s biggest winners and losers..

The Market Matters Report: Saturday’s
We review the previous weeks’ market, and provide an investment roadmap for the week and months ahead.

Real-Time Investment Alerts
Email & SMS: Anytime during ASX trading hours

Receive real-time investment alerts directly to your mobile phone via SMS and EMAIL anytime Market Matters is buying or selling a stock in their portfolio

Investor Support
Market Matters Personal Account Manager

Call or e-mail your own personal account manager should you have questions about any of the reports, recommendations or general market occurrences. Your queries will be forwarded directly to the Market Matters Analysts for answering.

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In this video Nicholas Forsyth, Head of Distribution for Market Matters, discusses the latest trends in the Australian stock market leading into reporting season. Nick shares some insights on the sectors that Market Matters like for the medium to longer term.

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  •   Receive up to the minute stock recommendations to your phone and email
    • As we enter and exit stocks you will receive an instant notification via SMS and email
  •   Transparent
    • Have access to every stock and position Market Matters hold at all times
  •   Money where our mouth is
    • All stock recommendations are based on what Market Matters are doing with their own money
  •   Invest like a professional
    • Find out what real investors are doing with their own money in the stock market
  •   Receive clear Buy, Sell and Hold recommendations
    • No price targets or maybes - just clear, up to the minute buy and sell recommendations with real time buy or sell prices

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