LendLease drops by with its earnings


Lendlease (ASX:LLC) $20.00 as at 22/08/2018


LendLease has seen some selling today following their FY18 results which seemed reasonable at first glance however a closer look showed the decent numbers were driven by low quality additions. The property and infrastructure group saw a poor construction result offset by a lower tax rate and positives out of development and investment. Development performed well on both residential –mostly Australian units – and office sales – European focussed. Investment performed with the help of revaluations and leases in Barangaroo.

ASX:LLC figures and analysis of financial result

The poor quality result was taken harshly by the market and rightly so – optimism has been high in LendLease recently and the stock had risen 26.2% for the year up until yesterday’s close. No guidance was given as is standard for LendLease.

LendLease (LLC) Chart

ASX:LLC chart and trends

Market Matters Take/Outlook

Poor quality result from a company that in our view is more than fully valued. Headwinds from global interest rate rises and slowing property markets should see LendLease struggle going forward.