Our Experience. Proven.

Market Matters is owned and operated by a group of professional money managers that make a habit of exceeding expectations. We have decades of experience, with a history of successfully navigating the domestic and international stock markets.

Our Process. Crystal Clear.

Investors have 24/7 online access to view and monitor investments, track performance and generate reports. Our process is clear and our fees are extremely competitive.

Our Partners. The Best.

We’ve partnered with Australia’s largest SMA provider ‘Praemium’ – trusted by over 475,000 clients, administering A$110 billion globally. HSBC and J.P Morgan Chase act as custodians.


A Separately Managed Account (SMA) combines the best parts of a managed fund with a direct investment. It provides you with control and direct ownership, whilst still offering convenience, flexibility and diversification, to help manage your investment risk.

At Market Matters, we believe it’s a great way for investors to build their wealth. That’s why we’re investing in our SMAs together with you.



The Market Matters SMAs go one step further, combining insight with action – every decision explained, every rationale reviewed, every opportunity considered.

We call this our Triple A Policy – giving you an Accountable, Aligned and Active SMA portfolio.

We’re not afraid to go against the grain or make bold, and at times, controversial calls. But, we’re always educated in our conviction.

With our Active High Conviction and Active Income SMAs, you can Invest in the SMA that best compliments your investment approach.

And just as importantly, you can Invest with Confidence.


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Our people.

James Gerrish (Model Manager)

James is Market Matters’ Primary Contributor and Senior Portfolio Manager at Shaw and Partners (one of Australia’s leading financial services firms – with approximately $18 billion of assets under advice).

Peter White

Peter’s experience in the financial industry spans over 23 years, including 17 years in providing professional financial advice to clients as a CFP.

Peter Whyntie

As a Fellow of both the Governance Institute of Australia and Fellow and Life Member the GRC Institute, Peter is a recognised leader in the governance, risk management compliance community.