Market Matters I've used your service for about two months and have to say that it is the very best of many that I have tried over the years. Your approach to analysing the equity markets in particular is a great mixture of insight and brevity. You target the critical issues and your share selection and strategy is concise and no-nonsense. I have had an overall return of about 25% over the two months following your trades pretty closely. I use MINIs and warrants - and have the confidence to use them for your suggested trades - even FMG! This sounds like a paid endorsement - but your service is really that good. Regards Russell

Russell - Subscriber

In my 26 years as a financial markets reporter, I’ve developed a keen sense for  people who really know what’s going on.

Market Matters are one of those rare gems with the  knowledge, experience and dedication to make you money.

Their views on the markets are essential reading for traders and investors alike.

David Rogers, Equities Reporter, Wall Street Journal

It gives me pleasure to provide a reference or testimonial for Market Matters. I have been actively trading shares and options through them for about eighteen months. Prior to this I had for many years traded on a major online discount broker thinking that cheap brokerage made it a better deal.

I was wrong because I was often indecisive and thus missed a lot of opportunities. I then commenced trading through another broker. Initially this went well with the options, but unfortunately poor share selection undid all the good work, giving back most of the profit. I then transferred the account to Market Matters. They were very decisive in selling out of many of the bad positions and cleaning up the account.

They then recommended a short list of shares to buy. Almost without exception these have been well timed buys and have gone up in their value and have delivered good dividends. They have recommended some rotation into other shares, and again that timing has been good. Throughout this period we have traded options. Not every trade has been perfect, but we have got very good results overall. The objective has been to grow the value of the account.

The value of the account has increased by over 50% in the eighteen months. This has been done by a mixture of capital gains on shares, profits derived by option trades and payment of dividends, which have remained in the account. I am very happy with these results. If you were to trade through Market Matters, expect decisive recommendations and a clear strategy.

Peter from Longueville

“I have known Market Matters for a number of years and have witnessed, first-hand, Market Matters grow into one of the finest technical investors in Australia. Critically, Market Matters have developed deep market understanding and possesses a highly disciplined approach to both their investing and money management. ”

Richard from Sydney