Putting our money on the line

When it comes to investing, Market Matters believes in backing their views with their own money, so their success is your success.

After decades of trading shares, options, futures and foreign exchange, Market Matters have experienced countless market scenarios and have learned tricks of the trade to help them outperform time after time.

A passion for investing
Unlike many advisers and traders who are removed from the advice they give clients, Market Matters advisers & contributors love trading and investing - it's more than a job, they live and breathe it! All their investment recommendations are transacted using real money in the Market Matters portfolio, so their success is your success, and that means they will always be watching the market and keeping an eye out for new opportunities.

Analysis then action

The secret of Market Matters investing success is their commitment to analysis then action. Every Saturday, the Market Matter's team analyse the market and put their plan in place for the following week. This allows them to analyse the market like a human and implement trades like a machine. This approach removes the fear and greed that comes with an open market and which causes investors so many problems.

Market Matter’s trading tools

Market Matters constantly seek out the most worthwhile opportunities in the market – the stocks offering the biggest rewards and smallest downside. To do this they use sophisticated trading tools including:

  • Distribution Theory
  • Wave Analysis
  • DOT Theory
  • Statistics
  • Pattern Recognition
  • Fundamental research

Combining these techniques with basic common sense, Market Matter's determines the stocks that are good buying opportunities and those to consider selling.

Protecting your position

For every stock they trade, Market Matter's formulate a strategy before implementing the trade/ investment. They also sets an appropriate stop loss to reduce losses if required.